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Your increased situational awareness will make you the most feared competitor around. In dogfights, you'll be impossible to shake. In white-knuckle races, you'll be impossible to pass. In tactical combat, you'll be impossible to flank. Discover the TrackIR advantage. Put Your Head in the Game! Product Features: Support for over 100 games/sims 10x TrackIR 4 resolution (video) Wider field of view than TrackIR 4 Hyper fast 120 fps sample rate 6 DOF vector technology Improved ambient light filtering Detachable magnetic base Product Specs: Raw Sensor Resolution: 640 x 480 Reporting Resolution: 96,000 x 72,000 Field of View: 51.7° Resolution/Horizontal Degree: 1850 subpixels/degree Sample Rate: 120 fps Size (without base): 2" x 1.5" x 0.57" Weight: 1.8 oz Response Time: 9 ms Connection: USB Cable Length: 6 ft Package Includes: TrackIR 5 device (with 6 ft. USB cable) Black TrackClip (reflective tracking clip) Track Clip Pro TrackIR Software (download) Electronic User's Manual (view) Quick Start Guide (view .pdf) Clamshell retail package System Requirements: 1 GHz processor USB 1.1 or 2.0 port Windows XP or Vista Range 2 to 5 ft (61 cm to 152 cm)
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Set gamer TrackIR 5

Incl. Trackir 5, TrackClip:PRO, TrackHat, VectorClip e manuale

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