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The world’s hottest tattoo studio opens it’s doors for a stunning second series. But with all the ink comes personal trials and tribulations, all set against the glorious backdrop of a forever sunny Los Angeles.Kat Von D is back from “tour”, with new beau Orbi close in tow, but while she’s been away some of the mice have come out to play; and while she’s delighted to be back in town, and back at the helm, her first worry is for Hannah. Will she ever leave the comforts of home and return to their studio?The ever wacky Pixie is starting to get under people’s skin, putting her friendship with Kat under severe strain… But with her health suddenly a major issue, does Kat now have the ability, or the time, to deal with her colourful, wayward Shop Manager?The Guinness Book of World Records have come calling, but does the studio have the energy for the daunting task of 400 tattoos in just 24 hours... Will the Fire Marshall spoil their record attempt before it’s even started? And Corey has a massive personal dilemma to overcome that could break the team up, once and for all!Special Features:London Ink Episode 1Photo Gallery
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