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Kat Von D is still doing big business at LA Ink, however it’s been a long road of challenges to keep things together. Top artists have moved on, and Kat is faced with the daunting task of trying to replace them.The shop’s new assistant frustrates the artists with constant disruptive antics and inability to handle small tasks and Kat struggles to keep everyone happy. She has a hard time focusing on her business endeavours when she is consistently dealing with the drama of personnel issues, and it’s slowly wearing her down.Episodes: 1: Kat's Back 2: Stranger In My Shop 3: Kat Bares It All 4: Aubry Tries to Help 5: Tick Tock, Biological Clock 6: While Kat's Away, Aubry Will Play 7: Feelings Rule 8: Tramp Stamp of Approval 9: Sobriety & Sisterhood 10: Outside Interests 11: Blonde Ambition 12: LA Pink 13: The Final Showdown 14: Showdown at the Shop 15: Training Day 16: What's Wrong Kat? 17: Whose Party Is It? 18: Gone Too Far 19: Enough is Enough! 20: Challenge for Kat 21: Feeling the Heat 22: Tension Between Friends 23: Caught in a Lie 24: Time is Up
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