REMOVES LIMESCALE DEPOSITS from the heating element and interior components. A clean heating element means fewer repairs and less power consumption;REMOVES DETERGENT RESIDUES AND SANITISES: removes detergent and dirt residue, a common cause of bad odours;MONODOSE EASY TO USE: 50g single-use sachets: is recommended to use one sachet each month in an empty cycle at 60 degrease. Available in different pack;Hygienically cleans all internal parts : All Dishwashers and Washing Machines;Recommended use one descaler sachet per month
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Nuovo; Anticalcare e Detergente Remover per tutte le lavastoviglie e lavatrici - Genuine Indesit Hotpoint professionale - sostituire i vecchi numeri del pezzo: C00089780, C00091077, C00091561 (Confezzione da 12)